Who I am

I am a 27 year old guy who loves to create web applications that make people's lives better. I am a front-end and back-end web developer, mobile design specialist, networking admin, and more!

Austen Holland Portrait

What I do

I am a Full Stack Software Developer who creates web applications, including mobile friendly websites, custom content management systems, IoT devices and platforms, custom APIs, and backend management systems.

I have been expert verified in multiple skills through Pluralsight, am 3CX Basic and Intermediate Certified, and have built central data systems capable of over 1.4 million requests per day. I work with enterprise level server hardware, Citrix Hypervisor virtualization, UNIX operating systems like CentOS and Ubuntu, Bash and PHP programming/scripting languages, along with various other parts of a computer system and network.

I am an animal lover, and tech enthusiast from Canada who loves to build things that makes the lives and jobs of others easier and more efficient. When not at my computer, you might find me exploring and photographing the great outdoors.


Here are some examples of what I do

Other Resources

I post my public development on my CodePen profile and development server.